Lucene.Net  3.0.3
Lucene.Net is a port of the Lucene search engine library, written in C# and targeted at .NET runtime users.
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oCLucene.Net.Util.Cache.AbstractSegmentCacheRoot custom cache to allow a factory to retain references to the custom caches without having to be aware of the type.
oCLucene.Net.Util.ArrayUtilMethods for manipulating arrays.
oCLucene.Net.Util.AttributeSource.AttributeFactoryAn AttributeFactory creates instances of Attributes.
oCLucene.Net.Util.AttributeSourceAn AttributeSource contains a list of different Attributes, and methods to add and get them. There can only be a single instance of an attribute in the same AttributeSource instance. This is ensured by passing in the actual type of the Attribute (Class<Attribute>) to the AddAttribute{T}(), which then checks if an instance of that type is already present. If yes, it returns the instance, otherwise it creates a new instance and returns it.
oCLucene.Net.Spatial.BBox.BBoxSimilarityAbstraction of the calculation used to determine how similar two Bounding Boxes are.
oCLucene.Net.Support.BitSetSupportThis class provides supporting methods of java.util.BitSet that are not present in System.Collections.BitArray.
oCLucene.Net.Util.BitUtilA variety of high efficiencly bit twiddling routines
oCLucene.Net.Search.BooleanClauseA clause in a BooleanQuery.
oCLucene.Net.Index.BufferedDeletesHolds buffered deletes, by docID, term or query. We hold two instances of this class: one for the deletes prior to the last flush, the other for deletes after the last flush. This is so if we need to abort (discard all buffered docs) we can also discard the buffered deletes yet keep the deletes done during previously flushed segments.
oCLucene.Net.Index.ByteSliceWriterClass to write byte streams into slices of shared byte[]. This is used by DocumentsWriter to hold the posting list for many terms in RAM.
oCLucene.Net.Search.CacheEntryEXPERT: A unique Identifier/Description for each item in the FieldCache. Can be useful for logging/debugging. EXPERIMENTAL API: This API is considered extremely advanced and experimental. It may be removed or altered w/o warning in future releases of Lucene.
oCLucene.Net.Support.CharacterMimics Java's Character class.
oCLucene.Net.Index.CheckIndexBasic tool and API to check the health of an index and write a new segments file that removes reference to problematic segments
oCLucene.Net.Util.CloseableThreadLocalJava's builtin ThreadLocal has a serious flaw: it can take an arbitrarily long amount of time to dereference the things you had stored in it, even once the ThreadLocal instance itself is no longer referenced. This is because there is single, master map stored for each thread, which all ThreadLocals share, and that master map only periodically purges "stale" entries
oCLucene.Net.Support.CloseableThreadLocalProfilerFor Debuging purposes.
oCLucene.Net.Support.CollectionsHelperSupport class used to handle Hashtable addition, which does a check first to make sure the added item is unique in the hash.
oCLucene.Net.Search.CollectorExpert: Collectors are primarily meant to be used to gather raw results from a search, and implement sorting or custom result filtering, collation, etc.
oCLucene.Net.Support.CompareSummary description for TestSupportClass.
oCLucene.Net.Documents.CompressionToolsSimple utility class providing static methods to compress and decompress binary data for stored fields. This class uses and Inflater classes to compress and decompress.
oCLucene.Net.Util.ConstantsSome useful constants.
oCLucene.Net.Search.CreationPlaceholderExpert: Maintains caches of term values
oCLucene.Net.Distributed.Configuration.CurrentIndexDefinition of current index information managed by the LuceneUpdater windows service. The <copy> node within the <indexset> node represents the information needed to load a CurrentIndex object for a given IndexSet
oCLucene.Net.Search.Function.CustomScoreProviderAn instance of this subclass should be returned by CustomScoreQuery.GetCustomScoreProvider, if you want to modify the custom score calculation of a CustomScoreQuery
oCLucene.Net.Documents.DateFieldProvides support for converting dates to strings and vice-versa. The strings are structured so that lexicographic sorting orders by date, which makes them suitable for use as field values and search terms
oCLucene.Net.Documents.DateToolsProvides support for converting dates to strings and vice-versa. The strings are structured so that lexicographic sorting orders them by date, which makes them suitable for use as field values and search terms
oCDictionary< K, V >
oCDictionary< TKey, TValue >
oCLucene.Net.Distributed.Configuration.DistributedSearcherDefinition of a configurable set of search indexes made accessible by the LuceneServer windows service for a consuming application. These search indexes are defined in the configuration file of an application. The locations defined in a DistributedSearcher match the exposed object URIs as defined in the LuceneServer service
oCLucene.Net.Distributed.Configuration.DistributedSearchersDefinition of a configurable set of search indexes made accessible by the LuceneServer windows service for a consuming application. These search indexes are defined in the configuration file of an application. The locations defined in a DistributedSearcher match the exposed object URIs as defined in the LuceneServer service
oCLucene.Net.Index.DocFieldProcessorPerFieldHolds all per thread, per field state.
oCLucene.Net.Search.DocIdSetA DocIdSet contains a set of doc ids. Implementing classes must only implement Iterator to provide access to the set.
oCLucene.Net.Search.DocIdSetIteratorThis abstract class defines methods to iterate over a set of non-decreasing doc ids. Note that this class assumes it iterates on doc Ids, and therefore NO_MORE_DOCS is set to Int32.MaxValue in order to be used as a sentinel object. Implementations of this class are expected to consider int.MaxValue as an invalid value.
oCLucene.Net.Documents.DocumentDocuments are the unit of indexing and search
oCLucene.Net.Index.DocumentsWriterThreadStateUsed by DocumentsWriter to maintain per-thread state. We keep a separate Posting hash and other state for each thread and then merge postings hashes from all threads when writing the segment.
oCLucene.Net.Search.Function.DocValuesExpert: represents field values as different types. Normally created via a ValueSuorce for a particular field and reader
oCLucene.Net.Search.ExplanationExpert: Describes the score computation for document and query.
oCLucene.Net.Util.FieldCacheSanityCheckerProvides methods for sanity checking that entries in the FieldCache are not wasteful or inconsistent. Lucene 2.9 Introduced numerous enhancements into how the FieldCache is used by the low levels of Lucene searching (for Sorting and ValueSourceQueries) to improve both the speed for Sorting, as well as reopening of IndexReaders. But these changes have shifted the usage of FieldCache from "top level" IndexReaders (frequently a MultiReader or DirectoryReader) down to the leaf level SegmentReaders. As a result, existing applications that directly access the FieldCache may find RAM usage increase significantly when upgrading to 2.9 or Later. This class provides an API for these applications (or their Unit tests) to check at run time if the FieldCache contains "insane" usages of the FieldCache. EXPERIMENTAL API: This API is considered extremely advanced and experimental. It may be removed or altered w/o warning in future releases of Lucene.
oCLucene.Net.Search.FieldComparatorExpert: a FieldComparator compares hits so as to determine their sort order when collecting the top results with TopFieldCollector . The concrete public FieldComparator classes here correspond to the SortField types
oCLucene.Net.Search.FieldComparatorSourceProvides a FieldComparator for custom field sorting
oCLucene.Net.Search.Vectorhighlight.FieldFragListFieldFragList has a list of "frag info" that is used by FragmentsBuilder class to create fragments (snippets). /summary>
oCLucene.Net.Index.FieldInvertStateThis class tracks the number and position / offset parameters of terms being added to the index. The information collected in this class is also used to calculate the normalization factor for a field
oCLucene.Net.Index.CheckIndex.Status.FieldNormStatusStatus from testing field norms.
oCLucene.Net.Index.IndexReader.FieldOptionConstants describing field properties, for example used for IndexReader.GetFieldNames(FieldOption).
oCLucene.Net.Search.Vectorhighlight.FieldPhraseListFieldPhraseList has a list of WeightedPhraseInfo that is used by FragListBuilder to create a FieldFragList object.
oCLucene.Net.Documents.FieldSelectorSimilar to a, the FieldSelector allows one to make decisions about what Fields get loaded on a Document by Lucene.Net.Index.IndexReader.Document(int,Lucene.Net.Documents.FieldSelector)
oCLucene.Net.Search.Vectorhighlight.FieldTermStackFieldTermStack is a stack that keeps query terms in the specified field of the document to be highlighted.
oCLucene.Net.Support.FileSupportRepresents the methods to support some operations over files.
oCLucene.Net.Search.FilterAbstract base class for restricting which documents may be returned during searching.
oCLucene.Net.Search.FilterManagerFilter caching singleton. It can be used to save filters locally for reuse. This class makes it possble to cache Filters even when using RMI, as it keeps the cache on the seaercher side of the RMI connection
oCLucene.Net.Index.SegmentInfos.FindSegmentsFileUtility class for executing code that needs to do something with the current segments file. This is necessary with lock-less commits because from the time you locate the current segments file name, until you actually open it, read its contents, or check modified time, etc., it could have been deleted due to a writer commit finishing.
oCLucene.Net.Index.FormatPostingsDocsConsumerNOTE: this API is experimental and will likely change
oCLucene.Net.Index.FormatPostingsFieldsConsumerAbstract API that consumes terms, doc, freq, prox and payloads postings. Concrete implementations of this actually do "something" with the postings (write it into the index in a specific format)
oCLucene.Net.Index.FormatPostingsTermsConsumerNOTE: this API is experimental and will likely change
oCLucene.Net.Search.Vectorhighlight.FragmentsBuilderFragmentsBuilder is an interface for fragments (snippets) builder classes. A FragmentsBuilder class can be plugged in to Highlighter.
oCLucene.Net.Index.FreqProxFieldMergeStateUsed by DocumentsWriter to merge the postings from multiple ThreadStates when creating a segment
oCLucene.Net.Analysis.De.GermanStemmerA stemmer for German words. The algorithm is based on the report "A Fast and Simple Stemming Algorithm for German Words" by Jörg Caumanns (
oCLucene.Net.Search.Highlight.HighlighterClass used to markup highlighted terms found in the best sections of a text, using configurable IFragmenter, Scorer, IFormatter, IEncoder and tokenizers.
oCLucene.Net.Analysis.Hunspell.HunspellAffixWrapper class representing a hunspell affix.
oCLucene.Net.Analysis.Hunspell.HunspellStemmerHunspellStemmer uses the affix rules declared in the HunspellDictionary to generate one or more stems for a word. It conforms to the algorithm in the original hunspell algorithm, including recursive suffix stripping.
oCLucene.Net.Util.IAttributeBase interface for attributes.
oCLucene.Net.Spatial.Util.IBitsInterface for Bitset-like structures.
oCLucene.Net.QueryParsers.ICharStreamThis interface describes a character stream that maintains line and column number positions of the characters. It also has the capability to backup the stream to some extent. An implementation of this interface is used in the TokenManager implementation generated by JavaCCParser
oCLucene.Net.Support.IChecksumContains conversion support elements such as classes, interfaces and static methods.
oCIComparable< FreqProxTermsWriterPerField >
oCIComparable< Node >
oCIComparable< NormsWriterPerField >
oCIComparable< Term >
oCIComparable< TermInfo >
oCIComparer< KeyValuePair< string, T >>
oCIComparer< TermVectorEntry >
oCIComparer< WeightedFragInfo >
oCLucene.Net.Search.Explanation.IDFExplanationSmall Util class used to pass both an idf factor as well as an explanation for that factor
oCSpellChecker.Net.Search.Spell.IDictionaryA simple interface representing a Dictionary
oCIDictionary< TKey, TValue >
oCLucene.Net.Search.Highlight.IEncoderEncodes original text. The IEncoder works with the Formatter to generate the output.
oCIEnumerable< BooleanClause >
oCIEnumerable< Document >
oCIEnumerable< int >
oCIEnumerable< ITermFreqVector >
oCIEnumerable< Query >
oCIEnumerable< string >
oCIEnumerator< Document >
oCIEnumerator< int >
oCIEnumerator< ITermFreqVector >
oCIEnumerator< string >
oCIEquatable< CSharpRegexCapabilities >
oCIEquatable< RegexQuery >
oCIEquatable< SpanRegexQuery >
oCIEquatable< System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable< T >>
oCIEquatable< TermVectorOffsetInfo >
oCLucene.Net.Documents.IFieldableSynonymous with Field
oCLucene.Net.Search.Highlight.IFormatterProcesses terms found in the original text, typically by applying some form of mark-up to highlight terms in HTML search results pages.
oCLucene.Net.Search.Highlight.IFragmenterImplements the policy for breaking text into multiple fragments for consideration by the Highlighter class. A sophisticated implementation may do this on the basis of detecting end of sentences in the text.
oCLucene.Net.Util.IndexableBinaryStringToolsProvides support for converting byte sequences to Strings and back again. The resulting Strings preserve the original byte sequences' sort order
oCLucene.Net.Index.IndexCommitExpert: represents a single commit into an index as seen by the IndexDeletionPolicy or IndexReader.
oCLucene.Net.Index.IndexDeletionPolicyExpert: policy for deletion of stale index commits
oCLucene.Net.Distributed.Indexing.IndexDocumentBase class representing a record to be added to a Lucene index
oCLucene.Net.Index.IndexFileNameFilterFilename filter that accept filenames and extensions only created by Lucene.
oCLucene.Net.Index.IndexFileNamesUseful constants representing filenames and extensions used by lucene
oCLucene.Net.Index.IndexWriter.IndexReaderWarmerIf GetReader() has been called (ie, this writer is in near real-time mode), then after a merge completes, this class can be invoked to warm the reader on the newly merged segment, before the merge commits. This is not required for near real-time search, but will reduce search latency on opening a new near real-time reader after a merge completes
oCLucene.Net.Distributed.Indexing.IndexSetDefinition of configurable search indexes managed by the LuceneUpdater windows service
oCLucene.Net.Distributed.Indexing.IndexSetsDefinition of configurable search indexes managed by the LuceneUpdater windows service
oCLucene.Net.Messages.INLSExceptionInterface that exceptions should implement to support lazy loading of messages
oCLucene.Net.Util.FieldCacheSanityChecker.InsanitySimple container for a collection of related CacheEntry objects that in conjunction with eachother represent some "insane" usage of the FieldCache.
oCLucene.Net.Util.FieldCacheSanityChecker.InsanityTypeAn Enumaration of the differnet types of "insane" behavior that may be detected in a FieldCache
oCLucene.Net.Util.NumericUtils.IntRangeBuilderExpert: Callback for SplitIntRange. You need to overwrite only one of the methods. <font color="red">NOTE: This is a very low-level interface, the method signatures may change in later versions.</font>
oCContrib.Regex.IRegexCapabilitiesDefines basic operations needed by RegexQuery for a regular expression implementation.
oCContrib.Regex.IRegexQueryCapableDefines methods for regular expression supporting queries to use.
oCLucene.Net.Search.Highlight.IScorerAdds to the score for a fragment based on its tokens
oCISet< string >
oCLucene.Net.Index.ITermFreqVectorProvides access to stored term vector of a document field. The vector consists of the name of the field, an array of the terms tha occur in the field of the Lucene.Net.Documents.Document and a parallel array of frequencies. Thus, getTermFrequencies()[5] corresponds with the frequency of getTerms()[5], assuming there are at least 5 terms in the Document.
oCLucene.Net.Support.IThreadRunnableThis interface should be implemented by any class whose instances are intended to be executed by a thread.
oCList< SegmentInfo >
oCList< T >
oCLucene.Net.Store.LockAn interprocess mutex lock. Typical use might look like:
oCLucene.Net.Store.LockFactoryBase class for Locking implementation. Directory uses instances of this class to implement locking.
oCLucene.Net.Store.LockStressTestSimple standalone tool that forever acquires & releases a lock using a specific LockFactory. Run without any args to see usage
oCLucene.Net.Store.LockVerifyServerSimple standalone server that must be running when you use VerifyingLockFactory. This server simply verifies at most one process holds the lock at a time. Run without any args to see usage
oCLucene.Net.Util.NumericUtils.LongRangeBuilderExpert: Callback for SplitLongRange. You need to overwrite only one of the methods. <font color="red">NOTE: This is a very low-level interface, the method signatures may change in later versions.</font>
oCLucene.Net.LucenePackageLucene's package information, including version. *
oCLucene.Net.Distributed.Configuration.LuceneServerIndexDefinition of a configurable search index made accessible by the LuceneServer windows service
oCLucene.Net.Distributed.Configuration.LuceneServerIndexesDefinition of configurable search indexes made accessible by the LuceneServer windows service
oCSimplicit.Net.Lzo.LZOCompressorWrapper class for the highly performant LZO compression library
oCLucene.Net.Util.MapOfSets< TKey, TValue >Helper class for keeping Listss of Objects associated with keys. WARNING: THIS CLASS IS NOT THREAD SAFE
oCLucene.Net.Analysis.Shingle.Matrix.MatrixA column focused matrix in three dimensions:
oCLucene.Net.Index.IndexWriter.MaxFieldLengthSpecifies maximum field length (in number of tokens/terms) in IndexWriter constructors. SetMaxFieldLength(int) overrides the value set by the constructor.
oCLucene.Net.Index.Memory.MemoryIndexHigh-performance single-document main memory Apache Lucene fulltext search index
oCLucene.Net.Util.MemoryModelReturns primitive memory sizes for estimating RAM usage
oCLucene.Net.Index.MergeDocIDRemapperRemaps docIDs after a merge has completed, where the merged segments had at least one deletion. This is used to renumber the buffered deletes in IndexWriter when a merge of segments with deletions commits.
oCLucene.Net.Index.MergePolicy.MergeSpecificationA MergeSpecification instance provides the information necessary to perform multiple merges. It simply contains a list of OneMerge instances.
oCLucene.Net.Messages.MessageMessage Interface for a lazy loading. For Native Language Support (NLS), system of software internationalization.
oCLucene.Net.Search.Similar.MoreLikeThisGenerate "more like this" similarity queries. Based on this mail:
oCLucene.Net.Index.MultiLevelSkipListWriterThis abstract class writes skip lists with multiple levels
oCLucene.Net.Store.NIOFSDirectory.NIOFSIndexInputNot implemented. Waiting for volunteers.
oCLucene.Net.Messages.NLSMessageBundles classes extend this class, to implement a bundle
oCLucene.Net.Analysis.NormalizeCharMapHolds a map of String input to String output, to be used with MappingCharFilter.
oCLucene.Net.Support.NumberA simple class for number conversions.
oCLucene.Net.Documents.NumberToolsProvides support for converting longs to Strings, and back again. The strings are structured so that lexicographic sorting order is preserved
oCLucene.Net.Util.NumericUtilsThis is a helper class to generate prefix-encoded representations for numerical values and supplies converters to represent float/double values as sortable integers/longs
oCLucene.Net.Index.MergePolicy.OneMergeOneMerge provides the information necessary to perform an individual primitive merge operation, resulting in a single new segment. The merge spec includes the subset of segments to be merged as well as whether the new segment should use the compound file format.
oCLucene.Net.Support.OSProvides platform infos.
oCLucene.Net.Search.ParserMarker interface as super-interface to all parsers. It is used to specify a custom parser to SortField(String, Parser).
oCLucene.Net.Analysis.Payloads.PayloadEncoderMainly for use with the DelimitedPayloadTokenFilter, converts char buffers to Payload NOTE: this interface is subject to change
oCLucene.Net.Search.Payloads.PayloadFunctionAn abstract class that defines a way for Payload*Query instances to transform the cumulative effects of payload scores for a document
oCLucene.Net.Search.Payloads.PayloadSpanUtilExperimental class to get set of payloads for most standard Lucene queries. Operates like Highlighter - IndexReader should only contain doc of interest, best to use MemoryIndex
oCLucene.Net.Search.PhrasePositionsPosition of a term in a document that takes into account the term offset within the phrase.
oCLucene.Net.Analysis.PorterStemmerStemmer, implementing the Porter Stemming Algorithm
oCPriorityQueue< FieldDoc >
oCPriorityQueue< FieldValueHitQueue.Entry >
oCPriorityQueue< PhrasePositions >
oCPriorityQueue< ScoreDoc >
oCPriorityQueue< SegmentMergeInfo >
oCLucene.Net.Util.PriorityQueue< T >A PriorityQueue maintains a partial ordering of its elements such that the least element can always be found in constant time. Put()'s and pop()'s require log(size) time
oCLucene.Net.QueryParsers.QueryParserConstantsToken literal values and constants. Generated by org.javacc.parser.OtherFilesGen::start()
oCLucene.Net.Util.RamUsageEstimatorEstimates the size of a given Object using a given MemoryModel for primitive size information
oCLucene.Net.Index.RawPostingListThis is the base class for an in-memory posting list, keyed by a Token. TermsHash maintains a hash table holding one instance of this per unique Token. Consumers of TermsHash (TermsHashConsumer) must subclass this class with its own concrete class. FreqProxTermsWriter.PostingList is a private inner class used for the freq/prox postings, and TermVectorsTermsWriter.PostingList is a private inner class used to hold TermVectors postings.
oCLucene.Net.Util.ReaderUtilCommon util methods for dealing with IndexReaders.
oCLucene.Net.Documents.DateTools.ResolutionSpecifies the time granularity.
oCLucene.Net.Search.RewriteMethodAbstract class that defines how the query is rewritten.
oCLucene.Net.Search.ScoreDocExpert: Returned by low-level search implementations.
oCLucene.Net.Util.ScorerDocQueueA ScorerDocQueue maintains a partial ordering of its Scorers such that the least Scorer can always be found in constant time. Put()'s and pop()'s require log(size) time. The ordering is by Scorer.doc().
oCLucene.Net.Index.CheckIndex.Status.SegmentInfoStatusHolds the status of each segment in the index. See SegmentInfos
oCLucene.Net.Index.SegmentMergerThe SegmentMerger class combines two or more Segments, represented by an IndexReader (Add, into a single Segment. After adding the appropriate readers, call the merge method to combine the segments. If the compoundFile flag is set, then the segments will be merged into a compound file
oCLucene.Net.Spatial.Util.ShapeFieldCache< T >Bounded Cache of Shapes associated with docIds. Note, multiple Shapes can be associated with a given docId
oCShapeFieldCacheProvider< Point >
oCLucene.Net.Spatial.Util.ShapeFieldCacheProvider< T >Provides access to a ShapeFieldCache for a given AtomicReader
oCLucene.Net.Search.SimilarityExpert: Scoring API. Subclasses implement search scoring
oCLucene.Net.Search.Similar.SimilarityQueriesSimple similarity measures
oCLucene.Net.Demo.Html.SimpleCharStreamAn implementation of interface CharStream, where the stream is assumed to contain only ASCII characters (without unicode processing).
oCLucene.Net.Analysis.TeeSinkTokenFilter.SinkFilterA filter that decides which AttributeSource states to store in the sink.
oCLucene.Net.Util.SmallFloatFloating point numbers smaller than 32 bits
oCSF.Snowball.SnowballProgramThis is the rev 500 of the snowball SVN trunk, but modified: made abstract and introduced abstract method stem to avoid expensive reflection in filter class
oCLucene.Net.Search.SortEncapsulates sort criteria for returned hits
oCLucene.Net.Util.SorterTemplateBorrowed from Cglib. Allows custom swap so that two arrays can be sorted at the same time.
oCLucene.Net.Search.SortFieldStores information about how to sort documents by terms in an individual field. Fields must be indexed in order to sort by them
oCLucene.Net.Search.SpanFilterResultThe results of a SpanQueryFilter. Wraps the BitSet and the position information from the SpanQuery
oCLucene.Net.Search.Spans.SpansExpert: an enumeration of span matches. Used to implement span searching. Each span represents a range of term positions within a document. Matches are enumerated in order, by increasing document number, within that by increasing start position and finally by increasing end position.
oCLucene.Net.Spatial.Prefix.Tree.SpatialPrefixTreeA spatial Prefix Tree, or Trie, which decomposes shapes into prefixed strings at variable lengths corresponding to variable precision. Each string corresponds to a spatial region
oCLucene.Net.Spatial.Prefix.Tree.SpatialPrefixTreeFactoryAbstract Factory for creating SpatialPrefixTree instances with useful defaults and passed on configurations defined in a Map.
oCLucene.Net.Analysis.Standard.StandardTokenizerImplThis class is a scanner generated by JFlex 1.4.1 on 9/4/08 6:49 PM from the specification file /tango/mike/src/lucene.standarddigit/src/java/org/apache/lucene/analysis/standard/StandardTokenizerImpl.jflex
oCLucene.Net.Index.CheckIndex.StatusReturned from CheckIndex_Renamed_Method() detailing the health and status of the index
oCLucene.Net.Index.CheckIndex.Status.StoredFieldStatusStatus from testing stored fields.
oCLucene.Net.Index.StoredFieldsWriterThis is a DocFieldConsumer that writes stored fields.
oCSpellChecker.Net.Search.Spell.StringDistanceInterface for string distances.
oCLucene.Net.Util.StringHelperMethods for manipulating strings.
oCLucene.Net.Search.StringIndexExpert: Stores term text values and document ordering data.
oCLucene.Net.Util.StringInternerSubclasses of StringInterner are required to return the same single String object for all equal strings. Depending on the implementation, this may not be the same object returned as String.intern()
oCSpellChecker.Net.Search.Spell.SuggestWordSuggestWord Class, used in suggestSimilar method in SpellChecker class
oCWorldNet.Net.SynExpandExpand a query by looking up synonyms for every term. You need to invoke Syns2Index first to build the synonym index
oCWorldNet.Net.SynLookupTest program to look up synonyms.
oCWorldNet.Net.Syns2IndexConvert the prolog file from the WordNet prolog download into a Lucene index suitable for looking up synonyms and performing query expansion (SynExpand.Expand)
oCWorldNet.Net.SynLookup.Syns2IndexFrom project WordNet.Net.Syns2Index
oCWorldNet.Net.SynExpand.Syns2IndexFrom project WordNet.Net.Syns2Index
oCLucene.Net.Index.CheckIndex.Status.TermIndexStatusStatus from testing term index.
oCLucene.Net.Index.TermInfoA TermInfo is the record of information stored for a term.
oCLucene.Net.Spatial.Util.TermsEnumCompatibilityWraps Lucene 3 TermEnum to make it look like a Lucene 4 TermsEnum SOLR-2155
oCLucene.Net.Index.TermsHashConsumerPerFieldImplement this class to plug into the TermsHash processor, which inverts and stores Tokens into a hash table and provides an API for writing bytes into multiple streams for each unique Token.
oCLucene.Net.Index.TermVectorEntryConvenience class for holding TermVector information.
oCLucene.Net.Index.TermVectorMapperThe TermVectorMapper can be used to map Term Vectors into your own structure instead of the parallel array structure used by Lucene.Net.Index.IndexReader.GetTermFreqVector(int,String). It is up to the implementation to make sure it is thread-safe
oCLucene.Net.Index.CheckIndex.Status.TermVectorStatusStatus from testing stored fields.
oCLucene.Net.Search.Highlight.TextFragmentLow-level class used to record information about a section of a document with a score.
oCLucene.Net.Support.ThreadLockAbstract base class that provides a synchronization interface for derived lock types
oCLucene.Net.Demo.Html.TokenDescribes the input token stream.
oCLucene.Net.QueryParsers.TokenDescribes the input token stream.
oCLucene.Net.Search.Highlight.TokenGroupOne, or several overlapping tokens, along with the score(s) and the scope of the original text
oCLucene.Net.Analysis.Shingle.Codec.TokenSettingsCodecStrategy used to code and decode meta data of the tokens from the input stream regarding how to position the tokens in the matrix, set and retreive weight, etc.
oCLucene.Net.Search.Highlight.TokenSourcesHides implementation issues associated with obtaining a TokenStream for use with the higlighter - can obtain from TermFreqVectors with offsets and (optionally) positions or from Analyzer class reparsing the stored content.
oCLucene.Net.Search.TopDocsRepresents hits returned by Searcher.Search(Query,Filter,int) and Searcher.Search(Query,int)
oCLucene.Net.Util.ToStringUtilsHelper methods to ease implementing Object.ToString().
oCSpellChecker.Net.Search.Spell.TRStringDistanceEdit distance class
oCLucene.Net.Index.PositionBasedTermVectorMapper.TVPositionInfoContainer for a term at a position
oCLucene.Net.Search.Function.FieldScoreQuery.TypeType of score field, indicating how field values are interpreted/parsed. The type selected at search search time should match the data stored in the field. Different types have different RAM requirements:

  • BYTE consumes 1 * maxDocs bytes.
  • SHORT consumes 2 * maxDocs bytes.
  • INT consumes 4 * maxDocs bytes.
  • FLOAT consumes 8 * maxDocs bytes.
oCLucene.Net.Search.Function.ValueSourceExpert: source of values for basic function queries. At its default/simplest form, values - one per doc - are used as the score of that doc. Values are instantiated as DocValues for a particular reader. ValueSource implementations differ in RAM requirements: it would always be a factor of the number of documents, but for each document the number of bytes can be 1, 2, 4, or 8
oCLucene.Net.Search.WeightExpert: Calculate query weights and build query scorers. The purpose of Weight is to ensure searching does not modify a Query, so that a Query instance can be reused.
Searcher dependent state of the query should reside in the Weight.
IndexReader dependent state should reside in the Scorer. A Weight is used in the following way:

oCLucene.Net.Search.Highlight.WeightedSpanTermExtractorClass used to extract WeightedSpanTerms from a Query based on whether Terms from the Query are contained in a supplied Analysis.TokenStream.
oCLucene.Net.Search.Highlight.WeightedTermLightweight class to hold term and a Weight value used for scoring this term
oCLucene.Net.Store.Lock.WithUtility class for executing code with exclusive access.
\CLucene.Net.Analysis.WordlistLoaderLoader for text files that represent a list of stopwords.