Lucene.Net  3.0.3
Lucene.Net is a port of the Lucene search engine library, written in C# and targeted at .NET runtime users.
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Lucene.Net.Analysis.Shingle.Matrix.Matrix Class Reference

A column focused matrix in three dimensions: More...

Public Member Functions

 Matrix ()
MatrixPermutationIterator PermutationIterator ()
override string ToString ()


List< ColumnColumns [get, set]

Detailed Description

A column focused matrix in three dimensions:

Token[column][row][z-axis] {
    {{hello}, {greetings, and, salutations}},
    {{world}, {earth}, {tellus}}

todo consider row groups to indicate that shingles is only to contain permutations with texts in that same row group.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Lucene.Net.Analysis.Shingle.Matrix.Matrix.Matrix ( )

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Member Function Documentation

MatrixPermutationIterator Lucene.Net.Analysis.Shingle.Matrix.Matrix.PermutationIterator ( )

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override string Lucene.Net.Analysis.Shingle.Matrix.Matrix.ToString ( )

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Property Documentation

List<Column> Lucene.Net.Analysis.Shingle.Matrix.Matrix.Columns

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