Lucene.Net  3.0.3
Lucene.Net is a port of the Lucene search engine library, written in C# and targeted at .NET runtime users.
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| oCCSharpRegexCapabilitiesC# Regex based implementation of IRegexCapabilities.
| oCIRegexCapabilitiesDefines basic operations needed by RegexQuery for a regular expression implementation.
| oCIRegexQueryCapableDefines methods for regular expression supporting queries to use.
| oCRegexQueryRegular expression based query.
| oCRegexTermEnumSubclass of FilteredTermEnum for enumerating all terms that match the specified regular expression term using the specified regular expression implementation
| \CSpanRegexQueryA SpanQuery version of RegexQuery allowing regular expression queries to be nested within other SpanQuery subclasses.
| oNAnalysis
| oNDemo
| oNDistributed
| oNDocuments
| oNIndex
| oNMessages
| oNQueryParsers
| oNSearch
| oNSpatial
| oNStore
| oNSupport
| oNUtil
| \CLucenePackageLucene's package information, including version. *
|\CProjectInstallerSummary description for ProjectInstaller.
| oNExt
| oCAmong
| oCSnowballProgramThis is the rev 500 of the snowball SVN trunk, but modified: made abstract and introduced abstract method stem to avoid expensive reflection in filter class
| \CTestApp
| \NLzo
| \NExceptions
| \NSearch
  oCSynExpandExpand a query by looking up synonyms for every term. You need to invoke Syns2Index first to build the synonym index
  oCSynLookupTest program to look up synonyms.
  \CSyns2IndexConvert the prolog file from the WordNet prolog download into a Lucene index suitable for looking up synonyms and performing query expansion (SynExpand.Expand)