Lucene.Net  3.0.3
Lucene.Net is a .NET port of the Java Lucene Indexing Library
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Lucene.Net.Store.FSLockFactory Class Reference

Base class for file system based locking implementation. More...

Inherits Lucene.Net.Store.LockFactory.

Inherited by Lucene.Net.Store.NativeFSLockFactory, and Lucene.Net.Store.SimpleFSLockFactory.


virtual DirectoryInfo LockDir [get, set]
 Gets the lock directory.
- Properties inherited from Lucene.Net.Store.LockFactory
virtual string LockPrefix [get, set]
 Gets or sets the prefix in use for all locks created in this LockFactory. This is normally called once, when a Directory gets this LockFactory instance. However, you can also call this (after this instance is assigned to a Directory) to override the prefix in use. This is helpful if you're running Lucene on machines that have different mount points for the same shared directory.

Additional Inherited Members

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abstract Lock MakeLock (System.String lockName)
 Return a new Lock instance identified by lockName.
abstract void ClearLock (System.String lockName)
 Attempt to clear (forcefully unlock and remove) the specified lock. Only call this at a time when you are certain this lock is no longer in use.

Detailed Description

Base class for file system based locking implementation.

Definition at line 26 of file FSLockFactory.cs.

Property Documentation

virtual DirectoryInfo Lucene.Net.Store.FSLockFactory.LockDir

Gets the lock directory.

Subclasses can use this to set the lock directory. This method can be only called once to initialize the lock directory. It is used by FSDirectory to set the lock directory to itsself. Subclasses can also use this method to set the directory in the constructor.

Definition at line 42 of file FSLockFactory.cs.

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