Lucene.Net  3.0.3
Lucene.Net is a .NET port of the Java Lucene Indexing Library
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Package Lucene.Net.Analysis.Hunspell


class  HunspellAffix
 Wrapper class representing a hunspell affix. More...
class  HunspellDictionary
class  HunspellStem
class  HunspellStemFilter
 TokenFilter that uses hunspell affix rules and words to stem tokens. Since hunspell supports a word having multiple stems, this filter can emit multiple tokens for each consumed token. More...
class  HunspellStemmer
 HunspellStemmer uses the affix rules declared in the HunspellDictionary to generate one or more stems for a word. It conforms to the algorithm in the original hunspell algorithm, including recursive suffix stripping. More...
class  HunspellWord