Lucene.Net  3.0.3
Lucene.Net is a port of the Lucene search engine library, written in C# and targeted at .NET runtime users.
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MultiTermQuery.cs File Reference

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class  Lucene.Net.Search.MultiTermQuery
 An abstract Query that matches documents containing a subset of terms provided by a FilteredTermEnum enumeration. More...
class  Lucene.Net.Search.MultiTermQuery.AnonymousClassConstantScoreAutoRewrite
class  Lucene.Net.Search.MultiTermQuery.ConstantScoreAutoRewrite
 A rewrite method that tries to pick the best constant-score rewrite method based on term and document counts from the query. If both the number of terms and documents is small enough, then CONSTANT_SCORE_BOOLEAN_QUERY_REWRITE is used. Otherwise, CONSTANT_SCORE_FILTER_REWRITE is used. More...
class  Lucene.Net.Search.RewriteMethod
 Abstract class that defines how the query is rewritten. More...




using IndexReader = Lucene.Net.Index.IndexReader
using Term = Lucene.Net.Index.Term
using QueryParser = Lucene.Net.QueryParsers.QueryParser
using ToStringUtils = Lucene.Net.Util.ToStringUtils

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