Lucene.Net  3.0.3
Lucene.Net is a .NET port of the Java Lucene Indexing Library
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AttributeSource.cs File Reference

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class  Lucene.Net.Util.AttributeSource
 An AttributeSource contains a list of different Attributes, and methods to add and get them. There can only be a single instance of an attribute in the same AttributeSource instance. This is ensured by passing in the actual type of the Attribute (Class<Attribute>) to the AddAttribute{T}(), which then checks if an instance of that type is already present. If yes, it returns the instance, otherwise it creates a new instance and returns it. More...
class  Lucene.Net.Util.AttributeSource.AttributeFactory
 An AttributeFactory creates instances of Attributes. More...
class  Lucene.Net.Util.AttributeSource.State
 This class holds the state of an AttributeSource. More...


package  Lucene.Net.Util


using TokenStream = Lucene.Net.Analysis.TokenStream

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